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Maximizing ROI: Five critical questions you should ask your demand gen partner

Summary : Maximize revenue through successful demand generation. Discover the right partner for your business. Ask these key questions to find out how TechInformed can help you.

“Why aren’t we getting any leads?” is a common question and challenge for marketers and sales teams. Demand generation is the key to successful lead generation, a strategy that combines marketing and sales efforts to support the customer journey, from attracting prospects to maximising value.

Investing in demand generation and outsourcing solutions results in higher lead quality and quantity, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue by 15% (Demand Gen Report).If you are experiencing the same difficulties, consider hiring a demand generation firm to handle it for you.

To help you make an informed decision, here are five questions to ask potential demand-generation partners.

Understanding the company’s demand generation strategy is crucial. Ask about target audience identification, content creation, distribution, and outcome measurement. A multi-pronged system involving email marketing, social media marketing is effective.

At TechInformed, we prioritize our clients’ goals and collaborate to deliver a tailored strategy using lead generation, webinars, executive interviews, display ads, and email marketing to engage the target audience and enhance brand awareness.

A good demand-generation company should have well-defined metrics for measuring success, including KPIs like website traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates. They should provide regular reports demonstrating the impact of their efforts. TechInformed conducts post-campaign analysis and client satisfaction assurance calls to ensure your satisfaction.

Request references from previous or current clients to understand the company’s track record. Case studies provide detailed overviews of challenges faced and results obtained, such as our recent case study on assisting a global cloud security provider (Datadog) in increasing brand awareness and generating leads.

Demand generation is an ongoing process, and a good partner should always be looking for ways to improve. Inquire about their feedback gathering , analysing results, and revising their strategy?

TechInformed utilizes advanced technologies and cutting-edge marketing tools to continuously enhance its demand generation strategy. Our two-touch campaign strategy, featuring an introductory email followed by a well-timed follow-up, fosters customer relationships and improves conversion rates. We maintain a GDPR-compliant database with multiple quality layers, ensuring accurate and relevant leads. With our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results, TechInformed empowers clients to achieve their marketing goals effectively.

Understanding the pricing structure and inclusions of demand generation services is crucial in evaluating their worth. Ask about any additional fees and what services are covered. TechInformed provides a transparent and competitive pricing structure, offering volume discounts for long-term partnerships. Our goal is to deliver value for money, ensuring clients receive affordable and tailored services. We prioritize building strong and lasting relationships with our clients, reflected in our pricing commitment.

In conclusion, choose a demand generation partner that takes a holistic approach, sets clear metrics, and is committed to continuous improvement. With the right partner, demand generation becomes a powerful tool for driving growth and increasing sales. At TechInformed, we believe in providing accurate information to the right audience at the right time, matching their needs for successful demand generation.

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