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Curating a Content Marketing Mix That Doesn’t Disappoint

Summary – Discover our top tips on how to market your tech company more effectively, like finding the right TOV and ditching the hard sell, in this article.

Right message, wrong medium. Every marketer’s nightmare. 

Finding the right content marketing mix that engages your target audience and suits your brand at the same time is a constant battle. New content mediums, like short-form videos, are on the rise. But are they right for you? Should you abandon them for tried and tested methods like email marketing, events and site direct advertising?

To give you a helping hand, we’re looking at why finding the right content mix is so critical and what should influence the content types your brand should use over others. Read on to learn more and discover how to build a scalable strategy built on the right content marketing mix for your brand in this article.

Why it’s so important to find the right content marketing mix

One of the most important reasons why you should curate your content is practicality. Surveys show marketers already need to wear multiple hats as part of their role, so finding ways to simplify your marketing process is vital. By specialising in a smaller number of more effective content types, you can save time, money and stress from building brand awareness and generating leads.

B2B markets must also consider the ‘appropriateness’ of certain content mediums and marketing strategies. For instance, B2B brands don’t typically utilise influencers, as it’s more of a B2C medium. Conversely, B2C brands rarely publish long-form written content, such as white or green papers, which attract curious business audiences looking for market-beating insights.

What should dictate your brand’s preferred content types?

Demographic and lifestyle differences can influence how well your content and marketing strategy performs. So, it’s crucial to understand who your customers are, how it impacts their content preferences and how they find content. For example, across social media, business audiences tend to use LinkedIn more, but Twitter has a stereotypically tech-minded audience, while Instagram performs well with younger audiences.

By contrast, email marketing offers direct access to customers from all backgrounds, but it takes time and resources to segment your mailing list and maximise your open rate. Similarly, while it’s highly effective, events marketing risks alienating more distant customers who aren’t prepared to travel. Finally, site direct advertising is only as good as the platform you partner with, so finding the most relevant one for your ideal customer profile is vital.

As a B2B brand trying to engage senior decision makers, you need to share both long and short-form content that educates your customer and offers insights about their problems.

Demographic and lifestyle factors affect where you advertise. But your brand’s personality and values affect how you advertise.

By perfecting your brand’s tone of voice and sharing content that your organisation is passionate about, you can demonstrate your values and subject expertise. In turn, you can position your brand as a leading voice amid the challenges facing your industry and build authentic relationships with your target customers. 


What’s more, content that stays true to your brand personality and values can help you build a more cohesive brand image and instil a sense of trust in your customers. For instance, sharing timely and supportive messages about your services during difficult moments lets your customers know you’re a reliable business partner and asset to their strategic goals.


Try to find the right balance of formality, humour, enthusiasm and detail in how your brand engages online and examples of how your business lives its values that can become proof points in your content at a later date.

The popularity of different content types wax and wane in cycles, so it’s vital that you adopt (and abandon) them at the right time. According to the latest data from the CMI, investments in video are on the rise this year, as are investments in events marketing and distribution paid channels.


Keeping up with these trends is critical, since they ultimately reflect shifts in consumer behaviours across different parts of the internet. By constantly reviewing your content’s performance across your various marketing channels, you can optimise your marketing strategy and invest in channels that produce the highest engagement ROI. 

Perfect your brand’s content marketing mix today

Finding and maintaining the right content mix is an ongoing process made up of your target audience’s inherent interests and needs, your brand’s personality and wider trends in your industry. By keeping up to date on the latest market news and demographic shifts you can anticipate how your content marketing mix may need to change. From here, you can use insights from your colleagues to demonstrate your firm’s competitive edge and use expert advertising partners to optimise your brand’s reach and impact.

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