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6 Companies with Unparalleled Customer-Centric Strategies

Summary – Discover some of the top brands with the strongest focus on consumer needs and find inspiration for your own business in this article by TechInformed.

A customer-centric approach to business is vital to capture more of the market, but knowing exactly how to achieve it can be difficult. Customers have complex needs and no two demographics are the same.

If you need inspiration for possible next steps, look no further. Below are six examples of companies with a keen consumer focus along with actions you can take to transform your marketing approach and drive revenue growth. 

6 companies with a customer-centric approach

No discussion of a customer-centric approach to business would be complete without mentioning Amazon. Every step of the customer journey is planned with them in mind and made to be as seamless as possible using cutting-edge data analytics. 

 What’s more, its Prime subscription (now in its 18th year) provides a range of valuable add-ons that give users access to a complete ecosystem of day-to-day services.

Framework are revolutionising consumer electronics by providing a modular laptop. The innovative approach – lauded by leading tech personalities Linus Tech Tips and Dave2D – lets users tailor units to their needs as well as make more eco-friendly purchases. 

In doing so, Framework balances performance with sustainability, which has become a key concern for modern consumers according to the latest data from Deloitte.

Nike has slowly been transforming its physical locations from simple storefronts to experienced-based attractions. The move delivers a more customer-centric approach by giving consumers a chance to test products in a real sporting setting before buying. 

The sites are also fully integrated with the Nike app, so even if customers don’t make a purchase, visit data is ready to use by digital marketing teams in a future retargeting campaign.

Juniper Networks provides state-of-the-art computing solutions. Juniper Networks aims to simplify their customers’ lives and break down barriers to connectivity through AI-enabled networks, seamlessly integrated data, and intuitive automation support.

This keen vision and delivery of a customer-centric approach is why the company was recognised as a Leader in Gartner’s 2022 ranking of enterprise wireless technology brands.

Samsung is a juggernaut in the consumer electronics space; producing everything from fridges and washing machines to phones and monitors.

Samsung enacts its customer-centric approach by ensuring its products are highly integrated via SmartThings. The app allows customers to set up automated routines and achieve more in their day-to-day lives, like sharing files to different devices, saving energy, maintaining a routine, and more

Revolut, one of the largest UK FinTechs, has amassed over 25 million users since 2015 thanks to its commitment to customers’ financial needs. From real-time updates on account balance, saving solutions, investment tools and more, it’s become a fully realised hub for all things money. 

The company uses data science to aggregate user feedback trends and identify the next feature to be developed in its app. As a result, they’ve become a mainstream banking brand in less than a decade.

Perfect your brand’s content marketing mix today

A customer-centric approach to product design or service delivery is one thing, but a customer-centric marketing strategy is just as important. A disjointed or poorly optimised marketing funnel can mean missing out on opportunities to build brand awareness and generate sales.

If you’re looking to determine how customer-centric your marketing activity is, start by mapping your customer journey. This includes understanding how customers find your business, how they learn more about your product/service, and what reservations they have before purchasing.

Then, you can begin creating content that educates customers about your product/service and why it’s the best on the market. Similarly, CRM tools like Salesforce or can help you manage leads and measure your marketing campaign success.

Stay up to date on customers’ needs with TechInformed

TechInformed is a research-led and proudly independent provider of the latest market news on all things ‘tech’. We can help you establish a more customer-centric approach in your business or advertising by providing news, analysis, and unique insights on market trends and customer issues. 

Gain more insight into your customers’ needs and make more informed decisions.